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In the beginning my project was centered on documenting coffee houses, coffee drinks, how coffee brings people together, other aspects of the coffee beans themselves, and for good measure throw in a little street photography. I was seeking to capture coffee houses exclusively in VA or in the D.C. area. I had trouble getting every coffee house that I contacted to let me come in, or return my phone calls. I had scheduling issues & technical difficulties of my own. After a few weeks I realized my coffee theme was a bit too broad, so I started to narrow it down to just include the characteristics of 3 local coffee shops in VA & coffee in my own home.
I have a great love for coffee that goes back several years. When I was studying to be a missionary in Arkansas I met a very interesting individual. He saved me from 7/11 coffee & introduced me to a coffee shop named Arsaga’s. He talked about vegetarianism and completely changed my perspective on coffee & food…and I had thought my 7/11 cappuccino was glorious. Many years down the road I continued my journey and found organic fair trade coffee to be very important. It ensures that the workers receive fair wages, while the earth is respected. When you look at these images, it’s more than just a latte. It’s more than coffee house ambience, pretty latte art or freshly made pastries. Coffee means jobs, community, and someone’s livelihood & is goodness from the earth.


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Sarah Moore
lattegrl D.C. & Morehead City, NC
Sarah Moore Photography offers Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Headshots, Alphabet Photography, Fine Art, Custom Photography Work & more. Sarah tends to focus on using natural light with digital photography, but also works with black & white film and flash photography. She appreciates good coffee, friends, vintage finds & the slow food movement.

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