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"Fragmental" consists of 'six' series of digital artworks, each having evolved from small sections cut from photographs. A process where these basic elements have been combined and recombined numerous times to produce an extensive vocabulary of shapes and forms. With no preconceived ideas, I begin to play and improvise with these pieces allowing my imagination to create compositions, perhaps based on a simple pattern, an interesting association or architectural element, or maybe they'll suggest some surreal narrative.

These constructions can then form the basis for a continuation of this process, whereby selecting the most interesting aspects of these new images and placing them into the original pool, can create possibilities for fresh combinations and different ideas. This continual process of deconstruction and reconstruction also makes it possible to trace the evolution of specific elements throughout a number of incarnations and series.

Despite the multiple choices this technique allows, I think it's also important to introduce source material from outside the pool. Lately, using a similar process, I have been 'remixing' works by another photographer (Fernandoprats) and 'refurbishing' and 'reimagining' an old photograph by Andreas Feininger. In time, certain aspects of these series will probably be integrated with earlier works to produce new and interesting hybrids.


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azurebumble Dundee, Scotland.

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ysinembargo dice

Yes, A., yes.

publicado 13 de may. a las 05:24 PST


brancollina dice

it's all in the mix - and it 'sounds' great;)

publicado 20 de abr. a las 09:36 PST

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