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This 40 pages book gives an impression of some rituals of wishing I have encountered in Kyoto.
At every block, on every corner of the streets, in every building, you will find a temple or shrine, or you can find small signs of Shinto attention. It is a daily practice to pay some attention.
There are many ways to express a wish. At a shrine, you can donate a few coins, pull the thick hemp rope twice and clap two times in your hands, bowing reverently. You can buy votive prayer plaques, wooden or paper slips, to write your wish. Or you can request a fortune telling. We see many ways to bring the wishes under the attention of the higher spirits: binding the papers with the wish on a tree, a rope, on a mound, etcetera. Many forms exist, almost per shrine or temple, all according to some local custom. That makes it even more interesting.

This book is complementary to the book Kyoto, Eternal city of cherry blossoms, geishas and temples and the book Kyoyo, City of many signs.

Price transparency:

This book is dedicated to the people of Japan. All proceeds will to the Netherlands Red Cross, to support their fundraising campaign for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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Albert Kuiper
alberti The Netherlands
Albert has been active as a photographer for forty years, always with a Leica rangefinder. It allows contact with the subject during shooting. You can't hide. Professionally for the last 25 years he has worked as a management consultant in the telecom and public sector (collections, enforcement, investigations) areas, worldwide. He has an early background in art history. It is the total lifecycle of man and nature that are most gratifying. He holds degrees in art history (RU Groningen), management (EUR, Rotterdam) and telecommunications (TU Delft).

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