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Life in a textile mill was stark, gritty and raw. Mill Ends captures this hard life in over fifty original photographs and commentary. The author worked at Allied Textile Printers and came away with a portfolio of original photographs he shot at the mill which stood shrouded in the mist of the Great Falls, where Alexander Hamilton once envisioned Paterson as the capital of American manufacturing.

Mill Ends presents unique images and first person recollections of an industrial neighborhood now changed, a mill now gone and people now deceased all as they were in the late twentieth century. The book is a valuable resource for those interested in the evolution of American manufacturing or simply trying to understand what it was like to work in a century old textile mill.

The photographs in the book were exhibited by the American Labor Museum which preserves historical records about the unionized labor movement.


Acerca del autor

Michael Anthony

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Michael studied the visual arts at Fairleigh Dickinson University. After graduation, he taught school in Paterson and later worked in a textile mill. In subsequent years, Michael continued to photograph the American scene and founded several companies, including a children’s book publishing firm.

He is now fully dedicated to photography and design with special emphasis on raising awareness of our beautiful yet fragile environment through his Earthography® Images series. Prints and posters of his work are available at

MILL ENDS - ebook - Historia libro de fotografías
Publicado 31 de octubre de 2011
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Publicado 04 de abril de 2011
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