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BACKGROUND: When one thinks of traveling for pleasure, he envisions relaxation: staying in an upscale hotel or all-inclusive resort, dining in the finest restaurant, cruising the seas. Why not experience a more intimate vacation—one that is emotionally rewarding? Experience a COUCH HOPPERS MOVEMENT!

The idea of Couch Hoppers originated from two filmmakers, who traveled the world (Japan, Dominican Republic, Amsterdam, Bermuda, Senegal) on an impulse. They could only visit for a day or two, considering they had to return to work. Yet, the women dared to live on the edge. They became volunteers as opposed to just being tourists, realizing that traveling did not have to cost a fortune to be pleasurable. They help to fight poverty and encourage unity among nations while enhancing their skills, discovering new talents, and establishing enduring friendships along the way.

CONCEPT: Two African American women filmmakers follow their dreams, traveling the universe. For 48 hours, they discover what it is like to sit on foreign couches. They sleep with strangers, engage in native customs/religions/occupations, eat exotic foods, listen to eclectic beats, drink magical potions, learn to speak different languages, and delve into nightlife scenes on a limited budget. The show unifies spontaneity, adventure, history, education, and humor in each episode.


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Tyjon Tom

Real, raw, and intimate describe the photographic talents of Tyjon Tom, a freelance photograher for Imavio Studios based in Atlanta. Tom uses her lens to capture the simplicity of human beings and nature. She comments, " I constantly remind myself that my soul is in every picture. In the project titled "International Souls" Many of the images describe expressions of the Senegalese. Tyjon is currently working on Couch Hoppers Hatti project. Stay tuned.....

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