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This book is the collective works of 25 years of poetry writing all in three volumes and involving personal introspection and poetic exploration. This offers a unique opportunity for the reader to watch the writing styles change and develop according to the seasons of the authors life. In particular, to compare volume III (which was written within 50 days) to volumes I & II (which were written over 25 years) is fascinating. This is not the typical book of poetry you've read before and is definitely worth a look.


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majek omaha, nebraska
Born in Nebraska, raised in Iowa, and currently living in Nebraska. Words are more than a means of communication; they are life and they are soul. The poets I enjoy most are the ones who feel they didn't write their poems ... the poems wrote themselves. The poet was just the conduit, channeling the life that lay within. Each of my poems were the result of an event or a feeling or an inspiration that I felt chose me. I have enjoyed each and every one and I hope you find in them the same.

Fecha de publicación  26 de marzo de 2008

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"... well, apparently ..." - Poesía libro de fotografías
Publicado 23 de diciembre de 2007
"... apparently ..." - Poesía libro de fotografías
Publicado 15 de diciembre de 2007

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