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The first edition of "I Spy Light". Extraordinary light in ordinary places.

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Darach Glennon
darachg Ireland

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darachg dice

Thanks a mill for the kind words of encouragement!

publicado 07 de abr. a las 14:17 PST


knappogue dice

Beautifully captured images, great composition. Appropriately titled book. Love your use of light and the variety of subject interest. My fav would have to be the tree in the snow, great use of rule of thirds. Keep up the good work............

publicado 06 de abr. a las 14:21 PST


Aldona-gtg dice

It looks like you have found your passion. Excellent photos Darach! You have an eye for photography.
Waiting for more:)

publicado 05 de abr. a las 11:19 PST


johnu dice

Your work is masterful and one of the best on Blurb. It shows the artistry that many photographers strive to achieve. The glorious range of color, the kind and gentle perceptions of composition, the capturing of the decisive moments...mesmerizing. The photo of the cloud-hand tenderly holding the ray of light given from above is so very moving.
Your work has honored the sanctity of photography. Congratulations!
John Ulatowski

publicado 03 de abr. a las 09:41 PST


brymel dice

"MAN GENIUS"... fantastic works of art captured with clinical accuracy...well done and good luck with the book.

publicado 01 de abr. a las 14:30 PST


wglennon dice

Fantastic, good man you **** you. Lovely job.

publicado 01 de abr. a las 09:12 PST


SionaG dice

Fabulous shots that stir an emotion or 2 :)

publicado 01 de abr. a las 05:17 PST

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