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A personal account predominently using photographs which conveys the contrast between the beauty and blandness of surroundings; reflecting the complex emotions of one man's week while waiting for HIV test results.
Despite the weighty subject matter, the book has a lighthearted touch and contains a very honest portrayal of life in one of England's most sought-after cities to live; providing the viewer with an almost voyueristic insight into everyday life and the breathtaking scenery surrounding Brighton.


Acerca del autor

Mark Hunter
70skid Brighton, East Sussex, England

Born in Sussex in 1973, my parents moved us to the borders of South East London when I was 3 years old and I spent the formative years of my life trying to escape the suburban sprawl.
With very little to do but stare at fields and walk the dog, many weekends were spent in London with friends, or staying over in Brighton enjoying the crisp sea air and lazy days on the beach. My love affair with Brighton continued and evolved when in 2002 I moved home and job to the city.
Having worked in photography since the age of 17, I have a vast collection of old and unusual cameras which were used to create the photographic documentary +/-; a very personal work documenting a difficult period in my life.
I also enjoy illustration and painting- and the next book in the pipeline promises to be a real challenge. I look forward to unveiling it later in the year...

Fecha de publicación  20 de marzo de 2008

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  30 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Gay

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