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This book will take you from Spring in the beginning of the book to Winter in the end of it.


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Lena Pesula

I bought my first camera in 2006 and since that day im only thinking about taking my next picture.
I want my pictures to make people feel happy. The pictures should bee colourful and simple, not include something that dont add the picture value.
Less is more.

Fecha de publicación  10 de marzo de 2011

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  66 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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LetourneauL dice

Your book is also very beautiful. Thank you for your comment. For explain a little bit why is so abstract, it is because I work with the space and make a king of 3d painting directly in nature. All those work took log tome to realize. Where do you took your photos ?

publicado 21 de mar. a las 11:50 PST


Dentelle3 dice

This book contains wonderful photographs, it is a delight to browse.
Congratulations, this is absolutely stunning !

publicado 17 de mar. a las 09:16 PST


johnu dice

Your work is one of the finest photographic offerings I have seen on Blurb. Each photo is presented as a work to behold. Your use of focus softness, sensitivity of subject, skillful composition, and array of color enhances your flowers as something glorious to see - and inspires as to how we as photographers can achieve to see. You have captured such decisive moments in relation to the flowers that bring out their time to shine, to glow. Congratulations!
John Ulatowski

publicado 13 de mar. a las 16:51 PST


Frankster dice

With Different View, Lena Pesula shows the world she is a master of vision and selective focus. This book is page after page of remarkable images.

publicado 12 de mar. a las 07:16 PST


jaredgerlach dice

Great work! I especially like the shot of the fly on the barbed wire.

publicado 10 de mar. a las 15:10 PST


maydatress dice

I thoroughly enjoyed your book...stunning.

publicado 10 de mar. a las 05:28 PST


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