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This book is a summary of what is important to me as an artist. I work in a direct dialogue with the organic world surrounding me.
I am inspired by the ever changing content of my garden. With direct access from my studio the borders are floating. The hands digging in the soil are the same hands scraping in metal, tearing paper or painting.
Playing around I learn by doing, by repeating – like a child.
Still, I have my experiences, from life and from art (which often overlaps). I carry the memories of my ancestors under my skin and the hope for a safe future for those coming after us. When these voices start singing the same melody I know I have found something valuable for me. It’s nothing less than our common past, our future, and everything in between. That should be about all… as life itself.
I am here for a short second, and I am searching for the big picture through close-ups and details. Through daily life and little things I knock on the big door. I peek through the keyhole; – sometimes I imagine seeing a glimpse of light or a shadow passing. It’s enough to make me happy!
This book is made in pure inspiration from a commission I had in 2011. Making artworks based on photoes in size (150 x 150) cm was a challenge I loved. Imagining the pictures big while seeing the works small on my screen was like looking into a kaleidoscope.
An artist’s most important tool is her/his imagination, trusting that the visual language is powerful enough to surpass boarders. This book is about seeing and transforming, taking apart and building up - discovering the underlaying pattern connecting everything in the huge weave of life. The short texts are written in Norwegian, but I will include a translation in English if you wish.


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Elly Prestegård
ellypropelly Bergen, Norway
I live and work in Bergen, Norway. Growing up in a spectacular landscape with tall mountains raising from the fjord I early got a close relationship to nature. I feel like a combination of a hunter and a farmer. I hunt for my visions in all I see, in the light reflected in water, in a withered plant, in the wrinkles of a human face etc. I collect it all and bring my treasures back to my studio where I reorganize the materials, seeing it freshly and exceed my limits to get new experiences. I started my career as a printmaker, and working digitally with photo, building layer upon layer, feels very natural to me. I like to see my work used in different settings, from art exhibitions to commissioned works. My largest commission = for an oil rig measuring 20 meters. My last commission was a series of 6 large photo based works measuring 150x150cm. I also enjoy working with books. There is a link to my CV at my homepage.

Fecha de publicación  09 de marzo de 2011

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  64 páginas Papel premium, acabado satinado

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