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Traveling through South Africa is simultaneously a heartbreaking and exhilarating experience. Some events will remind you of the Civil Rights struggle in the United States. If you are old enough, your childhood memories will burst forth. If you are young, the trip will be a vivid, living history lesson.

Yet, you will find yourself enchanted with the beauty of the country and enraptured with the diversity of the climate, land, and people.

This book developed from personal journals that we kept while visiting South Africa in September 1991, April 1994, and April 1995. It is not intended as a definitive account of South Africa's racial, social, or political history; it merely reflects the memories and personal experiences of the authors during tours of several South African cities, homelands, townships, and universities.

Included in this edition are travel tips and a South African historical time line.

Included also are pictures from a visit to Ghana and Senegal.

The last section of this book is about a trip to Africa in 1996, where we visited South Africa and Zimbabwe and went on a safari in Botswana. We were the hosts for a group of alumni from the University of Michigan.


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Christella Moody
christella Las Vegas, Nevada

Fecha de publicación  03 de marzo de 2011

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