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Think Again is NOT a footwear trend book. At least not for any specific season. Instead it is a design thinking tool kit with the 30 principles that will lead (footwear) design for at least the next ten years and probably even beyond. Rather than covering fluctuating fashion styles, it discusses long term design questions, such as: “How can you create a timeless design?”, “How can you add emotional value to a product?” or “How can you make your designs more sustainable?”.
In other words: Think Again lets you step back from the fashion rat race to see the underlying big picture, connecting footwear to all kinds of other products, offering surprising new angles and perspectives to help build a solid design vision and strategy. The 30 principles cover all aspects of the design process, including marketing and visual merchandising, and the many examples - both historic, current and futuristic imaginative designs - offer an overview of nearly all possible techniques and constructions. All this makes Think Again a must have for both footwear design professionals and students.


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ytrends Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ytrends is a world renowned footwear forecasting agency, known for its strong vision and highly accurate predictions. We publish trend information, consult with leading footwear brands, give lectures and seminars all over the world and educate footwear designers. Ytrends is the best source of inspiration and information for anyone involved in footwear development. Apart from fashion information, we also offer insight into new technologies, design management and sustainable design. If you want to be updated about our publications and activities, just go to our blog or to our facebook fan page and join our mailing list.

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