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Cuba 2011 will be the story of a deep and involving emotion, resulting from a recent trip (January 2011) round that island.

Cuba and her people are now near facing a post-Castro reality. They all know the situation is pending and hope for better times. However that may be, the State is always affecting and controlling their everyday life strongly and deeply.

The book is divided into three series, all of them having “people” as their main subjects.
In the first one, Hasta la victoria siempre!, I focused - with a certain tinge of irony - on the living and working conditions of people, sometimes suffering a decorous poverty, or even degradation. The present government being mostly responsible, there is little doubt about it, of their state.

In the second part, entitled En el camino de Cuba, “roads and vehicles” seem to be the subjects, but Cubans are actually the protagonists of my shots: once again men and women moving around by all means of transport, often basic and inadequate, in a condition of never-ending insecurity.
In the last one, Un paseo por Cuba, the people of Cuba show themselves to be cheerful and sunny, ready to smile despite everything.


Acerca del autor

Lorenzo Vitali
vittali Milan, Italy
Lorenzo Vitali - Born in Milano in 1953, where he lives and works.He has photographs printed in many magazines, in Italy and abroad, and is in the editorial staff of “Magazine”, a periodical magazine. He has published several books, and has presented some of his works in solo-exhibitions. After a travels to Cuba he creates a body of work, published as Cuba 2011. The same year in December, he presents this work in an on-line exhibition. He publishes Genova luce viva and Passions, two volumes of original photographs. Photographs from this latter work are presented in his first solo-exhibition in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale. He is asked by the poet and writer B.Cicchetti to illustrate his piece, “La Signora del Tango”, published in 2011. Afterwards, he is invited to work for and to photograph the setting of this opera-tango, performed in summer during Lunaria Festival 2011. In 2012 he publishes Holzwege, a sort oforiginal back-ward journey, from photography to poetry, from the image to the word

Comentarios (2)


domycic dice

Dear Lorenzo,
I am really impressed by this wonderful collection of images !
I have never visited Cuba, but it is the first time that a "simple" series of images is able to transmit to me so much.
You have masterfully sealed in these photos the sensations that you've tried; lesson of photography, that stimulates me to continue with this fantastic practice.
Congratulations and thanks again.

publicado 06 de dic. a las 07:10 PST


annepeire dice

Your pictures are just Beautiful. I do like your style, very graphic and humanist. The kind of fotos I really like. I went to Cuba a few months ago and I felt exactly what you express in your book: this population is incredibly engaging and charming. Congratulations for this perfect transcription into amazing pictures.

publicado 30 de mar. a las 12:31 PST

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