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Murder, Myths & Medicine is based on the blog "Rhino Horn is Not Medicine" and is the first book about the rhino crisis of 2010 - one of the bloodiest years for rhino poaching in recent history.

The demand for illegal rhino horn is increasing, and rhinos are being pushed closer to extinction in the wild. International rhino horn syndicates have recruited corrupt conservationists to exploit loopholes in existing wildlife trade laws. Meanwhile, syndicate foot soldiers continue to gun down these increasingly rare pachyderms in national parks and sanctuaries across Africa and South Asia.

Murder, Myths & Medicine’s unconventional layout enhances the fascinating subject matter with shocking photos and compelling facts.

(Please note this book contains extremely graphic images.)


Acerca del autor

Rhishja Cota Larson
rhishja USA
Rhishja Larson is the author of "Rhino Horn is Not Medicine", the world’s first blog focused on the illegal rhino horn trade. In 2012, she founded Annamiticus, an educational nonprofit which produces and publishes news and information about endangered species, illegal trade in endangered species, and wildlife crime.

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