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The Full Reveal; A Self Help Erotica and Graphic Novela is an autobiographical tale using original exxxploitative pictures of my self, taken by myself. I am my own muse.

These are my writings, ways of healing and philosophy for radical self help that stems from the sensual, sexual self. It is a timepiece of survival,with an erotic twisted bed time story aesthetic for the culture of make believe.


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The Virtual Gypsy
thevirtualgy California, USA

I am a yoga teacher, performance artist and innovator in the field of media arts and wellness. Since I was 8 I have had the intention to bring consciousness raising to the planet. I am my own muse and take all of my own photography...I believe in exploiting the exploiter and redefining notions of literary form to create a new level of access to the ancient wisdoms of the healing arts. I believe we have the power to create the destiny of our choosing. My art is about healing and is a lifetime in the making.

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