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Having abandoned their homelands in search of a future, homesick immigrants in America often sought and found solace by resurrecting their native cuisines in a new land. In Legacy of Four Cooks, Recollections of Ukrainian Home Cooking, author Jaroslawa Z Johnson shows how her immigrant family's ethnic food traditions were transplanted from western Ukraine to east Baltimore in the 1950s. The book's four cooks are her grandmother Yuliana Bulawka, her mother Raisa Zelinsky and her two aunts Hannah Yashchuk-Samutyn and Maria Bulawka. The book provides commentary and detailed descriptions for ninety-one Ukrainian recipes, as well as color photographs of each finished preparation.


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Jaroslawa Johnson

Author Jaroslawa Z. Johnson was five years old when she was admitted to the United States, where immigration officials changed her name from Jaroslawa to Gloria because "a pretty little girl will not make it in America with a name like Jaroslawa." She reverted to Jaroslawa at the encouragement of her future husband who asked why she was Jaroslawa at home but Gloria among Americans. Following her collegiate and law school education in the United States, Jaroslawa launched a career in international corporate law with a focus on her native Ukraine for the past 20 post-soviet years. She has a longstanding vocational interest in ethnic foods and their cultural histories.

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