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A Year With Liz - A Photographic Journey

Containing 120 pages of my favorite photo shoots from May 2010 to Spring of 2011, A Year With Liz - A Photographic Journey documents my first year working with model/writer, Liz La Point.

Includes everything from conceptual art, fine art nudes, fashion, erotica, editorial and more.

Liz La Point is a writer, artist, activist, and proud vegetarian, as well as a gifted photographer in her own right. Liz is writing two books and blogs about cooking, movies, social issues and arts and culture.

More of our work can be found at my site devoted to model Liz La Point -

This is our first book.


Acerca del autor

Terry Osterhout
digifan NY, LA, Mi

I grew up in Northern Michigan and have lived in New Orleans, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Fresno, Santa Barbara, as well as ten years in New York City before moving to Southern California.

I am an artist, photographer and filmmaker and have worked as an actor in NYC, as well as a director on many of my own projects.

Photography was always a passion, but became a profession during the last ten years.

Though my focus is on fine art nudes, I spend an equal amount of time on nature and landscapes, and portrait work.

In the spring of 2010 I began working with writer/model Liz La Point on several ongoing projects.

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digifan dice

Thanks tobio702... We have worked hard over the last year to create something that does Liz's beauty justice... I hope people enjoy it.

publicado 07 de feb. a las 15:30 PST


tobi0702 dice

nice one !

publicado 07 de feb. a las 06:25 PST

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