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Finalist for the 2008 Indie Excellence Awards and 2 time Blurb best seller now includes the Forensic Photoshop Custom Configurator 2 Panel as well as a custom keyword files for Bridge CS5 and Lightroom 3!*

Photoshop training the way it should be... an easy to follow, easy to understand workflow for making your images look their absolute best.

Forensic Photoshop is for users of all levels. No matter the starting point, or level of proficiency, readers will join in the journey to mastery. Mastery is knowing what needs to be done, how to best accomplish the task, and why the chosen method is the most appropriate.

Forensic Photoshop is not simply a book of tips and tricks. It offers a comprehensive workflow – a reliably repeatable pattern of activity enabled by a systematic organization of resources that can be documented and learned. It offers the reader the logical progression of steps necessary to the accomplishing of the goal – clarified and balanced images; images that remain true to their original content and context.

Because it seeks to achieve the goal of clarified and balanced images that remain true to their original content and context, the Forensic Photoshop Workflow is a must for law enforcement (image/video analysts, crime analysis, latent print specialists, questioned document examiners, and forensic/crime scene photographers) as well as for medical/scientific imaging specialists, photo journalists, and of course ... amateur photographers.

Topics include setting up Photoshop and Bridge, getting your images into Photoshop, fixing focus problems, correcting global light and colour issues, fixing light and colour locally, sharpening, noise reduction techniques, preparing for output, interpolation, printing, and archival issues - and much more.

Included in the price of the book is access to a special web site with video tutorials of the book's exercises as well as links to the referenced plug-ins, image files, and preference files - and the new CS4 Configurator Panel.

Order your copy today and begin the journey to beautiful and balanced images!

This just in: Forensic Photoshop - a comprehensive imaging workflow for forensic professionals by Jim Hoerricks is the best defense against a "Swinton Six" challenge.

The term "Swinton Six" comes from the following quote:

"The Connecticut Supreme Court adopted the following six factors for the authentication of computer-generated and computer-enhanced evidence:
1. the computer equipment is accepted in the field as standard and competent and was in good working order
2. qualified computer operators were employed
3. proper procedures were followed in connection with the input and output of information
4. a reliable software program was utilized
5. the equipment was programmed and operated correctly
6. the exhibit is properly identified as the output in question"

If Photoshop is a part of your workflow, and you work in a forensic science discipline, you need Photoshop expertise. This book needs to be a part of your Photoshop training.

Soft Cover ISBN 978-1-60530-793-0

*Configurator panel, videos, images, and other electronic deliverables available on a separate web site. The instructions for delivery are found at the end of the third section of the book.

A self confessed Photoshop fanatic since version 3 for Mac, Jim Hoerricks is an artist / designer / photographer and is the Senior Forensic Video Analyst for the Los Angeles Police Department's Scientific Investigation Division. Jim specializes in blending techniques from the design world with the Forensic Workflow. Always an innovator, Jim established the LAPD's Forensic Video Lab in 2001, has been the lead analyst on many of the LAPD's high-profile cases, and helped set the standard by which video evidence is handled by the department. Jim has worked on loan to many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and has testified as an expert in Forensic Video Analysis.

In addition to his work in law enforcement, Jim is the author of the Forensic Photoshop blog (http://forensicphotoshop.blogspot.com) and a co-author of Best Practices for the Retrieval of Video Evidence from Digital CCTV Systems.


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