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It is not a city that anyone fall in love at first sight. No, it's not as much as some endeavor. Upon arrival, the chimney smoke cloud the eyes, just let see the bay. The buildings are strewn in all directions like an uncontrollable disease. They grow like weeds who know nothing about color or symmetries. Here there´s a street, say the only street, a limited segment by a park and a plaza with clock. It is a street where the shops, so similar to any other place, elbowing their way. Before there were tiles with fish and mermaids that created the illusion of a sea that was removed long ago.
Time. In the city the hours that clocks mark make sense when gets darker. The only street is depopulated. The windows are illuminated. They are lights that guide the night to the corners where the dream lives. The night is sometimes lost and some do not sleep.
Those who do not sleep tattoo geometric drawings on white shoulders, turn on computers to turn off solitude, playing with letters, painted red lips and rush along cigarettes at the door of a bar.
Some people go out to fish stars at the bottom of a glass of beer while others try to stifle routines in the same smoke that cloud the view. A girl tangled legs, twisted like pipe rail while holding a cigarette. Cigarette smoke evokes graffiti forms on a wall nearby. On the other side of the wall there are leather jackets with hours of rock and roll and whiskey on his back. A bit further a door of a toilet reports that Susi loves Manuel. Does not says if Manuel as the same affection.
In one corner you can hear the tiny rustle of a broken heart. Someone confuse it with a click of a match. "Got light?" Asks. Silence as an answer. Only hearing the faint sound of cranes and the disturbing screeching of the gulls.
The night is inhabited by islands. The islands are disguised as people when the day arrives.
Yes it is a city that some fall in love at first sight. Wow those which can´t be fooled by the obvious and, with just a squint, are able to see light where others only see shadows.

Sandra Balvín Paredes


Acerca del autor

Tiago da Cruz
tiagodacruz Algeciras, Spain

Fecha de publicación  14 de enero de 2011

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  134 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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moonbo dice

très beau livre d'auteur à la fois sensible , réaliste, et esthétique ! bravo à l'auteur De Tiago Da Cruz
Je m'empresse de le commander et de le recommander !

PS: mon message antérieur est une erreur

publicado 16 de mar. a las 05:13 PST


moonbo dice

iresu music

publicado 16 de mar. a las 04:20 PST


mkevans dice

Placing naked people in your book really turns me off.

publicado 15 de mar. a las 21:17 PST


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