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John Perriment has been a keen photographer for over 30 years, specializing in landscapes. He has travelled extensively throughout the British Isles, often combining photography with hillwalking. For many years his words and pictures have featured in a wide range of outdoor and photography magazines.

Now, in his first book, he explores in greater depth the strong relationship between land and light in the making of successful photographs, sharing his passion and understanding of light through over 70 of his beautiful images.


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John Perriment
goldenlight Dunmow, Essex, United Kingdom

Hi. I'm a 55 year old retired bank clerk and now have more time to devote to my writing and photography. I've been taking pictures since I was 17, mainly landscapes, and have been fortunate to have many articles and pictures published in British outdoor and photography magazines over the years. In my younger days I was also a keen hillwalker and travelled extensively throughout the British Isles, usually combining the walking with my photography. These days I spend more time closer to home, exploring the Essex countryside with my camera. I've recently taken advantage of the excellent Blurb software to design and publish my first book and I'm amazed at the quality of the printing. Thank you Blurb! To all who buy the book, I hope you enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thankyou.

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DeMontfort dice

Des images remarquables ! Ceci dit, je ne trouve pas que la mise en page soit très bonne. Et le texte n'est-il pas un peu envahissant !
Mais un beau livre avec des images très rares !!

publicado 23 de ene. a las 13:21 PST


gaugemaster dice

John, this is indeed a well thought out and informative way to display your excellent work of many years. I only wish I could get up that early in the morning! Knowing many of the locations and my attempts to capture the mood i congratulate you on your composition and eye for a picture. Perhaps I'll get that camera out again.

publicado 05 de ene. a las 13:50 PST


chanel22 dice

What a beautiful book! stunning photos, i will certainly treat myself to a copy! keep up the amazing work.
Mrs wells

publicado 17 de jul. a las 12:10 PST


emmajane81 dice

such beautiful photographs

publicado 02 de jul. a las 15:51 PST


Saravah dice

A beautiful book with lovely landscapes and a lot of informations, thanks for sharing

publicado 26 de jun. a las 07:47 PST


ccollins2 dice

Your book is beautiful and inspiring. I'm saving to buy it. Every time I think I want to give up photography, I see a book such as yours and I think, 'No! I can't quit!" The light is the thing. Always the light.


publicado 24 de jun. a las 20:58 PST


ERipley dice

Wonderful photographs! Quite inspiring. Makes me want to get out the the cameras and roam about.

publicado 23 de jun. a las 21:30 PST


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