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A collection of 10x10 inch encaustic panels from the Austin Chapter of the Texas Wax Encaustic Arts Group.

Featuring work by: Kristy Battani, Daphne Holland, Kay Hughes, Chun Hui Pak, Sharon Kyle Kuhn, Margy Mohoney, Mary Mettenbrink, Maggie Norman, Carol Schiraldi, Dianne Talley, Carolyn Todd, Mazarine Treyz, Kathy Van Torne, Cari Washburn, NJ Weaver, and Scott Westover

The panels shown in this book are all 10x10 inch creations made by the Austin Chapter of Texas Wax. Texas Wax is a regional encaustic painting society dedicated to promoting the ancient art of painting with wax.

The group's website is:


Acerca del autor

Carol Schiraldi
cschiraldi Cedar Park, Texas, USA
New York born Carol Schiraldi is an artist currently living outside of Austin, Texas with her curly black dog, Chase. A master of showcasing architecture in all its many forms, Carol loves the detail, form and structure of buildings and man-made constructs, often contrasting them with her natural surroundings. Her passion for experimentation has given her work a dramatic signature style. Since her first local show in an Austin ice cream parlor, her artwork has gone on to be exhibited in galleries and museums around the world as well as included in publications and many sites on the web. Her work has been selected for over fifty international juried exhibitions, included in permanent collections, appeared in print publications, and sought by collectors. Carol's Little World, the award-winning website she created, showcases what critics often call her quirky creative style.

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