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This book is really not a book. It is a catalogue with pictures of paintings for an exhibition at Galleri A in Oslo, Norway in March and April 2008. This solo expo shows tempera paintings made by Bertil Hansson during 2007 and 2008.

The catalogue, with a soft cover, has 26 pages containing pictures of 19 paintings, an extract of a text written about Bertil Hansson by Philippe Baude and a CV.
Texts are in English and Swedish.

Den här boken är egentligen inte en bok. Det är en katalog med bilder
på målningar som visas på en utställning hos Galleri A i Oslo, Norge mars – april 2008. Utställningen visar temperamålningar gjorda av Bertil Hansson 2007 – 2008.

Katalogen, med mjuk pärm, har 26 sidor och innehåller bilder av 20-talet målningar, utdrag av en text skriven om Bertil Hansson av Philippe Baude samt en aktuell CV.
Text på svenska och engelska.


Acerca del autor

Bertil Hansson
Bertil Lysekil - Sweden / Goult - France
Visual artist, painter, engraver, photographer. Born 1950 in Lysekil, Sweden. With a remarkable power of observation, the Swedish artist Bertil Hansson focuses his sight onto the most insignificant detail and lifts it out of its place in the entire context. He charges it with magic and space whether the technique is painting, graphic arts or, as is his latest passion, photography. With great intensity he also absorbs the surrounding and transforms reality into abstraction in a way that makes his pictures stand out as familiar for us. This is intensified by the associations they give to different directions in art history. His artistic career has developed rapidly ever since the new millennium when he moved to the south of France and settled in the village of Goult. Since then his artistic desire has felt no constraints and his productivity has grown impressively. He is now in great demand from Scandinavian art galleries and is making several exhibitions every year.

Fecha de publicación  03 de marzo de 2008

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  26 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Bellas artes

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davidartist1 dice

awesome work. Truly remarkable

publicado 08 de jul. a las 09:38 PST

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