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This is a book inspired by and created for families I work with as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

The leading cause of VI in developed nations is brain-related VI due to trauma, injury or illness.

The colors, simplicity and images are intended to be more accessible to these sweet kids and their families.

All proceeds are donated to ACCESS Visual Impairment Services.


Acerca del autor

Mariah Roberts
MSRoberts Santa Cruz, CA
I keep needing to create. What more can I say?? In gratitude.

Comentarios (6)


sarahgreenma dice

Your book is lovely! Thank you so much for your comment on "Art for Charlie: A Brother's Love". I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

publicado 28 de ene. a las 12:45 PST


mmoreno87 dice

I enjoyed your book. It reminded me of what it felt like after having my first child, everything was seen with new eyes. Eyes of love and hope for great things to come. Good work fellow mother.

publicado 06 de ene. a las 19:15 PST


nevaC dice

and sweet is you style too! i like the story, simplicity is the key to everything really! keep on watching and thanks for your comment!

publicado 30 de dic. a las 00:58 PST


chris_s dice


publicado 29 de dic. a las 09:53 PST


Azucala dice

Que bello..! I love it

publicado 29 de dic. a las 07:28 PST


mdulay dice

Mariah has indeed lovingly captured the sentiment that 'with the birth of a child the world begins anew.' What a sweet book from a very talented person with a big heart and a clear understanding of the 'magic' that children with visual impairment can bring to the world. -Dr. M.T. Dulay, parent of a child with VI

publicado 29 de dic. a las 04:33 PST

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