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When the war breaks out in Europe, Eric Latour's journey to discover a mysterious Kingdom is abruptly interrupted. He finds himself joining an elite corps in the French Army that will bring him face to face with Axis forces. From the Majestic peaks of the French Alps to the sun-drenched sands of Egypt, Eric's battles will force him to consider his own mortality.
When his name appears on a mysterious list that falls into the wrong hands, he will have no choice but to run. Will he escape from the relentless pursuit of his enemies? Will he ever see the woman he has madly fallen in love with, again? Will he find the gates that could save him and lead him to the Kingdom? Or will the cruel war destroy his lifelong aspirations?
This is the third book in the series Gates of the Kingdom, featuring Eric Latour, a young French adventurer who is searching for a hidden Kingdom. A great treasure lies at the end of his quest. But in order to find it he must go through twelve gates located across the world. In the first book, Eric is entrusted with a manuscript describing the journey. In the second volume, Eric meets the guardians of Mucul'cah, a lost city where the Great Treasure of the King is hidden. The lost Mayan tribe reveals a prophecy about the dangers that lie ahead. In this third installment, Eric sees the prophecy fulfilled, as the long road to the Kingdom becomes a threatening mine field fraught with daunting obstacles and deadly traps. Only the wise advice of the citizens of the Kingdom can help him find his way. But what is he to do when he ends up alone and surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies who want him dead?


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Laurent Trabadello
Trabadello Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Born in Mexico of French parents, I grew up between North America and Europe, learning to love and understand diverse cultures. I now oversee relief and development projects in Africa and Latin America and have had the privilege to travel extensively, experiencing life-changing situations and profound realities. Some of the unique places, people and experiences that I encounter serve as an inspiration for this series.

Fecha de publicación  23 de diciembre de 2010

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  394 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Literatura y ficción

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Gates of the Kingdom - Literatura y ficción libro de fotografías
Publicado 03 de abril de 2009
Gates of the Kingdom - Literatura y ficción libro de fotografías
Publicado 20 de septiembre de 2008

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