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A Photo-documentry of a new chapter in our far from ordinary marriage.
GG wife and TG husband living in England.

"Life has taken an interesting turn of events recently with the reincarnation of Stacy (who I never met - we were both in different relationships on opposite sides of the world!)
We decided not to use the name Stacy as that had many negative memories with it. But for our fresh life together Mr B's alter ego would be Mary-Jane from now on and have a much more relaxed and fun character and style compared to the Stacy in business suits trying to be accepted in a society of haters (i.e. USA middle-classes)
Together we can be free to laugh and not care who see's it.

I truly believe that you find the right person for you and that gender is not relative - when you fall in love you fall in love.
I have never had a longterm lesbian relationship but equally I would never have said that it wouldn't happen.
Why constrain yourself to only half the beauty in the world.

It truly is possible to be with the ones you love and love them no mater."

Enjoy Chi (Mrs B) x x x


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Elizabeth Brewington
MrsB75 North Yorkshire, England

Fecha de publicación  01 de marzo de 2008

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Categoría  Erotismo y relaciones

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mind-bent dice

I wish you would allow people to preview the entire book now that Blurb allows it.

publicado 13 de dic. a las 14:09 PST


MisterHappy1 dice

beautiful book! very touching. I can really relate. hey, check out my photo book....Meet Mr Happy. risque girl fun!! I'd LUV to read your comments on it Happy Girl :)

publicado 05 de abr. a las 10:48 PST

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