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This year I turn 50.

Having effectively run out the clock on any possibility of a mid-life crisis, I have opted rather to mark this milestone with an equally cathartic, yet infinitely more dignified hardback book.

While these photographs were captured in recent months, they nevertheless reflect a sense of life a half-a-hundred years in the making.

Some offer a glimpse into my personal life, others are attempt to capture that vibrancy Joseph Campbell perfectly described as "the zoom of being in the world!"


Acerca del autor

Phillip LeConte
Arkdog1 Austin, Texas, USA

Fecha de publicación  15 de diciembre de 2010

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  94 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Catálogos


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teness dice

Dear Phillip,
Since I was not able to find a direct email address for you I will respond here. Thank you so much for your kind words about my Sayulita book. Unfortunately you saw the first edition of the book. I should have deleted that book as the final draft is much better. Take a look if you have time. I am also very proud of my Little White Dress book.

You have an amazing gift. And your images of kids on your website are wonderful too.

Are you from Austin or transplanted? I have never been but it came up on our radar when we were checking out places to move to as a great place to live. We landed in Portland but I hope to check out Austin one day.

publicado 28 de dic. a las 11:20 PST


teness dice

Your work is amazing. This book is wonderful and the images from Phillips and Neal's wedding are spectacular. What a gift you have.

publicado 20 de dic. a las 22:02 PST

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