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Please note that this book contains fine art nudes and is intended for age-appropriate audiences.

Pantheon picks up where The Utah Collection left off but by and large has a heart of its own. My great affection for the people I photograph is perhaps more apparent than ever here; the darker and more personal explorations left for other books at other times. This is an unbridled expression of love and fascination for those who are willing to step out in front of my camera and dance. It's a celebration of those who take off their clothes and wade out into the water naked, fearless and free. And maybe more than anything else it's just a way of saying look; look how beautiful we all are when we step back into our bodies and make them our own.

Every single person you see here in these pages danced upon the waters for the simple joy of doing it. They went with me out to the desert, over to the lake or up to the mountains and laughed and danced and played and got wet and dirty and had fun. There is joy and lightness if we're willing to go out and find it. There is mud and loam and salt to roll around in and sage to be borrowed from the plants that grow along the edge of the lake. The ropes on the flesh here are figurative and many of the props were gathered from the ground where we played. Somewhere along the way I think I forgot how much a part of this we all are.

The mountains and deserts and vast open spaces around the Great Salt Lake are alive with beauty and magic and have provided me with not only a magnificent place to take pictures but a place to reconnect with mother earth as well. I don't necessarily understand what it means to be one with the earth but I know what it feels like. Pantheon is a visual exploration of that feeling.


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Tom Clark
beaniecapguy Utah
Born in Alaska, raised in Italy and upperschooled in the US, Tom Clark has long straddled two cultures; drawing at times from each of them to create an amalgam of influences that are increasingly evident in his artwork.

Fecha de publicación  12 de diciembre de 2010

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steveleeinco dice

I received my book today, and I can't believe the stunning imagery. The Utah shot locations are shockingly beautiful in themselves, but with these incredible models, the images soar off the pages. How does Tom do it? How does he create such naturally relaxed, expressive, and explosive imagery? These models exude self-confidence, such a delight! Tom is truly one of a kind. I look forward to more... MORE!

publicado 29 de dic. a las 19:09 PST

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