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pages and pages of personal musings of a poetic nature. now why did we have to bring nature into this, it has a rough enough time on it's own. anyway. have a read.


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jim simonson
rocketjim54 south beloit, illinois, us of a
my main focus, sometimes not so, has been to find my place. i am the squarepeg in the round hole and my butt hurts. i have flipped burgers, punched holes, moved stock, taken your order and made change, delivered furniture, carded at the door, pushed the button, wrote the code, gave directions, made the graph, gave the presentation, did the training, sent them packing, put it together, planned the next one, changed their diapers, wiped a tear, removed the stitches early, changed the feel....among other things. more can be seen at or email me at

Fecha de publicación  22 de febrero de 2008

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Categoría  Poesía


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