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My objective with this project is to fool for a short and sometimes eternally about the nature of the subject (the toy car); making it as if it where a real automotive in a real situation, obviously complete fake, or just an Irony.
The reason I pick this project was for the simplicity to manipulate the subject on the image, as David Levinthal did with his photographic series “Hitler Move East”, “Mein Kampf” and “Modern Romance”, making it real to the viewer as if would had happened. Also I wanted to make visually ordinary objects appear huge in comparison to my toy cars, making then look like real but in a giant world, and sometimes and irony of us as human a being, as Slinkachu did in his project “Little People in London”.
To create the landscape for the subject, I studied the way Vick Muniz used ordinary materials as subject for his photograph. In this case, I tried to recreate a beach in a park with paper umbrellas wich are usually used to decorated drinks, and making my toy cars interact with it. Using this new philosophy of creating a image, inspired me to used an unusual car made with clear plastic to create an abstract way to see a “VW in a windshield”.
To photograph an automobile as a subject I tried to replicated the style that Raghubir Singh used in his project “A Way into India”, where the subject is a car manufactured in India called “Ambassador”. Sometimes the object can be the frame of the image, as a silent witness of the reality inside of it. Making not just the subject part of the image, but sharing a place with the viewer as an spectator.


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