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These are my trail journals from my walk with Blazer on the Appalachian Trail. We hiked from southern Virginia to New York between May - July 2007. The bonus section has a week trip with Big Daddy to Isle Royale July 2007. Below is the inside flaps to the hard cover version. They somehow made it through with spelling errors, but were corrected here.

Welcome to noworries 2007 Appalachian trail journal. Where he will walk, roll, and skip (yes he still skips) his way north up the Appalachian Trail. He also reserves the right to frolic when the mood strikes. He is aware that there are other trails to the west, but doesn't seem to care. The AT to him is a lot like one's favorite blankie. As in past journals if you are searching for deep, moving, philosophical thought you should probably keep looking. The '99 thru-hike up the AT (alcoholachian trail) was what not to do and still manage to finish, though it does make an entertaining read. The 2005 hike could double as a AAA guide to hotels & taverns between GA-ME. The 2007 journal promises to pick up where that one leaves off. Noworries will join Blazer whom he hiked with in 2005. Blazer will be hiking from Va-Me attempting to complete the AT. Why he feels noworries should be along is anyones guess. Maybe he likes a challenge. There is also the rumor of Big Daddy show up for a month or two. Depending where they are by august this could involve a possible flip flop to Virginia and head south. There is also the constant threat of the Colorado trail in august. No worries from time to time may go by worries if he is having a bad day or looking for sympathy from trail chicks. Some have labeled him the sunshine hiker, which he denies. We would like to point out he is starting in the middle of Virginia during the month of May, you decide. It's not that we believe he won't hike in the rain, but more likely than not he will be unable to reach a hotel. Anything contained in this journal is not meant to offend anyone. He seems to think hippies, vegetarians, and tree huggers offend easily Please don't sue us! This has been brought to you by
Hopefully, Bigdaddy and his other heterosexual life partner Matt will be doing my journal entries. Please note i said "hetro" I think mike my brother may be doing the pictures. Myspace will be handled by me when and if i can find anywhere to do it. If i get any bigger i will have to have my own publicity team. This will be a PG13 journal. So if Bigdaddy starts to abuse his artistic freedom and add lots of beer and hooker stories he will be reprimanded. Splendid. The flight yesterday was alarmingly easy, but don't tell my brother. I landed in rainy Roanoke Va and was whisked away by my hippie shuttle chick (this made me very happy) to Daleville Va.


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