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Everyone knows about Hawaii's beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, beautiful sunsets & that it is surrounded by a beautiful ocean.

For me it is the beautiful people who are indeed beautiful inside and out.

Many of the folks in these photographs are our personal friends, others acquaintances, some I have never met, others are well known names in Hawaii.

portraits in sepia has been a labor of love, a way of giving back to these wonderful welcoming people and to this place where we are so fortunate to live.

Michael F. O'Brien - November 30, 2010


Acerca del autor

Michael F. O'Brien
onggi Waikoloa, Hawaii, U.S. A.
Michael F. O'Brien lived and worked in Seoul, Korea from August of 1963 to June of 1997. He grew up on a dairy farm in the beautiful wooded hills of northeast Iowa. At age twenty-four he left the corn fields of Iowa for the rice paddies of Korea. Those rice paddies fascinated and excited him with their ever-changing patterns and through them he learned, also, to love the Iowa corn fields he had left behind. He is a retired art and photography teacher from Seoul American High School in Yongsan, 8th U.S. Army, in Seoul, Korea. Mr. O'Brien's credits include Far-Reaching Fragrance - Photographs of Korea, a collection in coffee table book form of photographic insights into traditional Korea. He has also co-authored a high school photography text, The Photographic Eye - Learning To See With A Camera. 1984 - John F. Kennedy Center Fellow for Teachers of the Arts.

Fecha de publicación  04 de diciembre de 2010

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Comentarios (5)


tooter824 dice

In fact I do believe this is one of my favorites.

publicado 23 de feb. a las 18:07 PST


tooter824 dice

Fantastic as ever

publicado 23 de feb. a las 18:04 PST


aliaks dice

Great collection! Really enjoyed it!

publicado 27 de ene. a las 21:18 PST


slsrectangle dice

These portraits do indeed capture an inner beauty as well as physical beauty - some showing great joy, happiness, contentment, and/or an inner strength. Somehow these photos show one the inner qualities beneath the surface. The sepia tones seem to confer a timeless quality that transcends any era. A beautiful book!

publicado 13 de dic. a las 21:27 PST


franbur dice

I can see that I am going to enjoy going through all your books! I found myself wishing I could ask you a bit about your subjects and also your methods - again you've caught something which must be a bit of a reflection of yourself in their faces, hands, headgear (and so on...) - a gentleness which I really respond to and a wistfulness - like your photos of Ireland... I see the artist in you and respond to that...

publicado 10 de dic. a las 11:00 PST

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