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Nature is my studio. I photograph my subjects just as they appear in nature and do not harass or manipulate them in any way. As you view my photography, I hope that you will be inspired to go explore outside and to tread lightly.

Whether running, biking, backpacking, kayaking, skiing, or scuba diving...I carry a camera wherever I go. My favorite camera is a simple point and shoot that carries the scars and dings from where I have found my adventures. Together, my cameras and I have lived in the humid jungles of Guatemala and Belize, fallen into a crocodile infested lake, skied in below freezing temperatures to reach the snow tops of the Cascade Mountains, and explored the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.


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Nomad Exposure
Photography by Kristen Klein-Nicholl

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kathyn1 dice

Kristen has an amazing eye and manages to find the beauty in many ordinary things: things that don't seem notable at all until she captures them through her camera lens. A wonderful book!

publicado 31 de dic. a las 19:11 PST


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