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Barbara Patterson
b_patterson Kitchener, ON, Canada

I am a Traveler. I want to experience all that I can of the past and present cultures and biosystems that this world has to offer. With my Partner, Mark, we have written ten books:
India 2008 - Adventures in Rajasthan ,
Vienna to Amsterdam,
East African Odyssey,
Mayan Adventure,
Istanbul to Cairo,
A Journey Through Remotest Myanmar,
Equador and the Galapagos,
Amazing Amazon,
Cambodia,Vietnam and Malaysia,
and our newest book, Cruising the Eastern Mediterranean.
We have traveled 89 countries so far and have a long life list to complete.

Fecha de publicación  18 de noviembre de 2010

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Rundnagel dice

Hi Barbara and Mark. We have been awaiting your book and were thrilled to revisit so many wonderful memories that you have caputred for us with amazing detail and brilliant photography.
Myanmar is a land of such beauty mirrored with sadness... What a trip it was - thanks for putting me onto Blurb, I"ve just done my first book on my trip back to PNG and the plantation (famiy history).
Your book is in our Santa Sack - Cheers Jillian and Gerhard von Leixner.

publicado 21 de nov. a las 19:15 PST

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