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This 'CURATE THIS! 2010' Special Project publication features Artists, Architects + Designers and their Works selected by the International Voting Public.

'CURATE THIS! 2010' is the second installment of the 'CURATE THIS!' exhibition series created by BECA: Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art.

The title, ‘CURATE THIS!’ reflects a departure from the familiar large scale exhibition model, typically curated by a singular vision with one head curator, to an exhibition with components and related events ‘curated’ by the public and professional and independent participants residing in multiple cities around the world. The first ‘CURATE THIS!’ experiment took place in early 2008 and led artists, designers and BECA Foundation volunteer directors, Melissa Roberts and Kurt Schlough to begin brainstorming the expansion of the experiment to bring about greater benefits to a larger number of participants.

Through the introduction and exhibition of works of new art + new design and related projects by pARTicipating artists, architects, designers, duos, groups and collectives around the world, The BECA Foundation aims to facilitate an experimental, cross-pollination of new ideas for creative innovation in diverse locations around the world.

In 'CURATE THIS! 2010' over 2,000 votes were cast from 19 countries. Works by the Top 15 Vote Receiving Artists, Architects + Designers are included within this publication.


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The BECA Foundation
BECAf global
The BECA Foundation is an artist + designer run (and thus far, volunteer run) not-for-profit global arts organization benefiting artists, designers and the public now headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, USA. BECA is an acronym for Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art. The organization's core belief is that "NEW ART + NEW DESIGN FUELS THE BEST OF WHAT'S YET TO COME ON THIS PLANET". Our organization serves as a bridge, facilitator, supporter, enabler and vessel for local, national and international contemporary art + design communities toward the growth and advancement of new ideas and innovation via contemporary art + design. The core program focus is on developing public art exhibition and related opportunities for emerging and under-recognized artists + designers. Those opportunities are also extended to established artists + designers who are forging new pathways by exploring new mediums, ideas and processes not previously associated with their work.

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