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Bad things are happening to Americans: previously lithe, alert, active individuals have become sedentary, lethargic, overweight creatures who couldn't even get out of harm's way should the need arise...and those are just the kids!
If we want to prevent our offspring from becoming the first generation since the Industrial Revolution to have shorter lifespans than their parents, we must spark their curiosity and get them moving.
We must turn off the TV, unplug the computer, and step outside...


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Stephen Christensen
I'm a board-certified family physician who left the arena of medicine in 2003, when an autoimmune illness damaged my eyes. Since then, I have once again taken up a pen, a guitar, and a penchant for maintaining my own health--but it's slow going. A couple of open-water swims each year, daily practice in writing and music, and a modicum of patience are all that I need... ...except for my lady, Tonya, without whom all would be lost. Although being visually impaired has obvious disadvantages, it also allows one to appreciate the world in different ways: when you can't see well, you sometimes aren't as easily fooled by appearances.

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