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Introducing the companion book to the upcoming surf documentary, "Jersey Bros : A Surfing Life And The South Jersey Stoke."

Shot on the beach in Southern New Jersey using a makeshift tent studio, Jersey Bros : The Portraits offers a unique glimpse into the variety of personalities that make up the South Jersey surf scene.

The subjects of McCarty's photo project come from every age group and socioeconomic background. They are men and women, boys and girls, all with one thing in common: The Stoke.

"I made a conscious choice to shoot in black and white on a clean background so that the focus was solely on the subject," McCarty says. "I only had a few rules. No sunglasses. No shirts. I wanted to make sure you could connect with each individual without barriers. I wanted to strip them down to their essence."

The result is a fresh look at a group of surfers in raw form; a time capsule that reveals multiple generations with a common interest.

NOTE: Proceeds from the book go to help defray the filmmakers cost for producing the film. So buy the book and help support independent filmmaking. Post to your Facebook account and urge your friends and family to buy one as well.


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Hopping Frog Studios
hoppingfrog Goshen, NJ

Hopping Frog Studios' goal is to create arresting imagery in both the still and video worlds.

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