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Fecha de publicación  27 de octubre de 2010

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  154 páginas   Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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edobali dice

Fantastico! very beatiful

publicado 20 de jul. a las 01:59 PST


Rizny dice

Lovely. Great compilation of some fantastic pictures.

publicado 24 de feb. a las 23:55 PST


RodGregg dice

Joyce, I read your afterthoughts. Your journey through the fog must have been lonely for a time, but in your thoughts and composition, I can see something special and that you've emerged whole again. Good for you. Its great to carry something marvelous that reminds you of someone in your life that is irreplaceable. I know that he must be proud of your accomplishment.

publicado 03 de mar. a las 07:04 PST


RodGregg dice

Easily understandable why you are book of the week. Probably because there isn't a book of the month! Excellent composition and simplicity of style.

publicado 03 de mar. a las 06:46 PST


anendel dice

Very nice project; making a good selection sometimes is harder than taking the pictures. I think you have done a great job doing so.

publicado 03 de mar. a las 00:43 PST


sapata dice

Very well done... wonderful images !

publicado 01 de mar. a las 15:26 PST


CapnScrappy dice

wow! An amazing collection of photographs and photographers.

publicado 11 de feb. a las 06:28 PST


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