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The photo exhibit ‘Zooming By’ was first presented in Los Angeles in June 2010. This book presents the full 19 pictures that were originally exhibited as well as an extra 52 for your exclusive enjoyment.

As a child, Ms. Rebaud spent extended periods exploring the far reaches of Europe with her family and as an adult, she has ventured onto many other countries in search of catching the vibrant beat of a city in motion. Through the lens of her camera, Ms. Rebaud explores a city mostly on foot, by day and night, in search of movement and activity.

‘Zooming By’ includes photographs from Budapest, Krakow, Frankfurt, Split, the Alsace and the French Provence, as well as an extended collection of shots taken on the streets of Los Angeles, all photographed in 2009 and 2010. The settings are quite different - a Christian cemetery in Krakow during the Easter celebration, a road trip through Los Angeles, Bastille day in a French village, or New Year’s Eve at a high-end hotel in Budapest - but vibrant all the same. 

Each city has its own individual history and rhythm and this exhibit aims to capture the energy and vibration of each location.

Ms. Rebaud was born in Roanne, France and currently works and lives in Los Angeles, CA. 
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Acerca del autor

Sylviane Rebaud
RebaudPhoto Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sylviane Rebaud has been working for over 25 years as a freelance photographer focusing on portrait, street photography, cityscapes and architectural projects. Ms. Rebaud has extensively photographed locations in Europe, South East Asia, numerous desert settings to include Libya and Morocco, the Caribbean as well as locations throughout the United States. She has also photographed various artists, authors and musicians, working on specific book publishing projects and original photography for websites.

Born in Roanne, France and educated in Lyon, France, Ms. Rebaud lived and photographed in Paris for over 14 years. After Paris, she relocated to Prague, Czech Republic for five years where she most recently exhibited her show "Tops 'n' Bottoms".

After a recent move to Los Angeles, Ms. Rebaud is highly inspired by the energy and expansiveness of major cities with auspicious skylines and incredible architecture. She is often maneuvering a location on foot and capturing “a city in motion

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