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When I'm asked what my favorite city is, Venice is inevitably the answer.

More than anything, it is the light in Venice that attracts me as a photographer. Its light is as important to me as the architecture, the variety of boats, the water and the figures in motion. The light, in combination with the moisture in the air, gives each object it touches a luminous, often shimmering quality. During the winter fog, the light subtly casts itself upon objects and figures, lending an air of mystery to Venice. At other times, it is pure, defined and brilliant, causing objects to stand out in sharp relief.

In my experience, no other city in the world combines light and water in the same unique way as Venice. The light strikes the water, stones and brick. The brick and stonework are then reflected onto the surface of the water, creating countless mirrored images. Water is always a presence in Venice, constantly moving and changing its appearance with the tide, the wind and especially, the light.

The light plays upon the water, continually changing forms, colors and patterns on its surface. The color of the water is fleeting and in constant motion. It takes on the blues, whites and yellows of the sky, the clouds and the buildings nearby. These hues and patterns continually change with each passing vaporetto, gondola or cloud. The light is always of supreme importance in Venice and along with the water, serves to unify the entire city.


Acerca del autor

Zeny Cieslikowski
zcieslikowsk Marin County, CA
Zeny began his fine art photography career by photographing France and Spain in 1967. His professional time was divided between commercial and fine art photography until 1984, at which time fine art photography became his sole profession. Unlike many photographers, Zeny personally prints both his color and black & white prints to insure the proper interpretation of the original negative.

Fecha de publicación  11 de octubre de 2010

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  150 páginas Papel premium, acabado satinado

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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Comentarios (2)


Paulo_Nuno dice

The best Venice book that i´ve seen.

publicado 09 de dic. a las 10:39 PST


Christie1973 dice

Wow! What beautiful imagery! This makes me want to go there to see Venice! Great job!

publicado 11 de oct. a las 15:33 PST


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