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A journey to Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay in northern Vietnam.


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Simon Davies
simondavies Hong Kong

Fecha de publicación  19 de septiembre de 2010

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Categoría  Viajes

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windy138 dice

I have read it. Amazing book. These pictures in this book so beautiful!

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publicado 23 de sep. a las 19:50 PST


windy138 dice

I love this book. I am so happy because my country 's beauty is written here

publicado 22 de sep. a las 21:47 PST


charlyc dice

Love the book. Beautiful! Great work.

publicado 19 de sep. a las 23:26 PST


simondavies dice

Sure, it’s very easy! Actually there is tutorial available for doing this with full bleed pages so suggest you check it out:

I think this is the easiest way to get good results. It’s a good idea to leave a slight overlap – eg a 3-4mm strip that appears on both left and right pages - to allow for the fold in the page. There is an art to getting it right but you can get good results just lining it up by eye. Probably the best advice is to start with an image that lends itself naturally to this layout and keep the subject away from the join, that way even a slight ‘error’ won’t be noticeable.

The tutorial shows this for full bleeds but if you create your own layouts as well then you can have a whole lot more options with images crossing the page… good luck!

publicado 19 de sep. a las 21:51 PST


kadamala dice

Bravo, I like your book! May you teach me how to bring one picture over two pages? I made already 6 books with blurb, but don't know how to make it....
(Central Java, HongKong, Fleurs et Vegetations; this are the three public ones.)
I thank you in advance and send you my kind regards.

publicado 19 de sep. a las 20:12 PST


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