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Many of us drink, and for those of us that do
it’s always nice to find a cool dive or special kind of lounge to set just the right kind of ambiance to imbibe.
On the other hand when you need a cool libation of some sort to go that convenient corner liquor store is always a handy place to stop at.
As I’ve ridden around the city I’ve always been impressed by the unique signage and typography that announce where you can get a drink or a six pack to go.
This book is a collection of various bars and liquor stores, photographs taken in Los Angeles and Southern California………So come and see a little bit of the liquor n booze world thru my eyes

~Mark Peacock


Acerca del autor

Mark Peacock
aurorafarm Los Angeles CA

Mark Peacock is a LA based street photographer who has shown his work in some of LA's best galleries, he also produces and plays on all the albums of "Spirits In Ambience" which can be found on itunes or Amazon. Besides music and photography Mark also trains top caliber equestrian show jumping horses in Chatsworth CA. Along with these varied interests he writes a photo journal of his adventures and the links below will tell you how to find his music and photography.


Photo Journal:

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lkfoster dice

Mark as always great imagery!!! Love seeing your stuff. Gets me motivated to shoot more myself!! Thanks for sharing. L

publicado 21 de sep. a las 16:44 PST

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