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Florida abounds with wildlife. Believe it or not we are not all beaches and storefronts. You don't have to go very far to find it. Most of the photos of the wildlife presented in this book were in my yard or within 10 miles from my home. Much of the wildlife in Florida is considered endangered, that means the unless we (Humans) do something quickly it won't be here much longer. Wouldn't it be a shame if the Bald Eagle or the Florida Panther or even the American Alligator were viewed only in a zoo or in books.

I have combined my love of the wildlife and the joy of photographing them to produce this book in hopes that everyone can experience the beauty and mystery of Florida's wildlife.

The animals featured here are barely scratching the surface of all the wildlife in Florida. Take a ride through the Ding Darling Preserve or just look out over the flats at low tide to see the multitude of bird species. Travel inland and watch in the fields and pastures and see the Wild Hog, Deer and Bear. Then there is the marine life with the Sea Turtles, Dolphins and many other to numerous to mention here. Take a break to look and listen, in Florida you just never know what you will see.


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Photos by Keith Lovejoy
kelovejoy North Fort Myers, Florida
Keith Lovejoy started his hobby in 1976 while film was prevalent and digital only a working thought. In 2000, he invested in a digital camera and said good bye to the darkroom mess. Since 2004, he has frequented local rodeo events taking pictures for the competitors. Not forgetting his compassion for wildlife you can find him seeking out a critter somewhere to photograph. Traveling and recording memories by photos is the hobby part of the compassion to share his finds with others.

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