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The second edition of Ed's two-part exploration of modern life and society, including new and refined images.

"Inside the Hive" is a two-part photographic art project that grew out of Ed Swinden's candid 'Street B(ee)' work of 2003-2009 and his 2010 military-style portraiture piece, "Beekeeper: to Serve the Queen".
Two sides of an 'argument' are presented, and the reader asked to decide whether to look on the light side, or the dark side.
Ed's artwork aims to make the viewer consider what 'duty' and 'society' mean for the individual. It addresses themes of service and duty, alienation and coersion, the building of physical and mental barriers, and explores personal graft, sacrifice and redemption.


Acerca del autor

Edward Swinden
edswinden Manchester, England
Ed is an award-winning former journalist, a writer and multimedia artist. His work has been featured in many publications including The British Journal of Photography, Ag, and Aesthetica. His interests include graphic design, (translated) Japanese literature, psychology, sociology, and experimental cookery.

Fecha de publicación  08 de septiembre de 2010

Dimensiones  Cuadrado grande  90 páginas Papel premium, acabado satinado

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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Comentarios (13)


nickhove dice

I love your city images. The light is always superb and the shadows are gorgeously black. I've had pictures such as these in my head for quite a while, with the intention of finding some time to actually try and take some photos my self. Then I stumbled across your book. I only wish I could afford to buy a copy.

publicado 14 de dic. a las 04:48 PST


paultreacy dice

This book looks to be quite a visual treat. Well done and much success to you. - Paul Treacy

publicado 13 de nov. a las 10:24 PST


evilgirl dice

Wow! That is an amazing book! Kudos!

publicado 03 de nov. a las 08:00 PST


OCipriano dice

Amazing photos. Keep the good work.

publicado 30 de oct. a las 08:37 PST


adalfonso dice

the buildings in darkness and humans in light is very fine work, yes. bravo.

publicado 20 de oct. a las 06:02 PST


troisanneaux dice

Love your photography and especially this book.
You know so well how to handle light.

publicado 18 de oct. a las 07:27 PST


elsburgh dice

Great book..I like the photography

publicado 14 de oct. a las 02:26 PST

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