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A land of 1.1 billion inhabitants increasing every year by 15 million, 300 million people in poverty, but youngsters in designer clothes, 70 million child workers, more than 40% illiterates, 16% untouchables, 5 millions sadhus, 3000 castes, 33 million gods, and 22 million holy cows, classical ragas and Bollywood films, temples and shopping malls, cruelty against women and love for animals, but not for tigers.

A land in revolutionary change in some parts, and shocking attachment to outdated and cruel old customs. A land so full of spirituality that a non-violent movement was enough to shake off its invaders... but to kill millions of people of other religions in a rush of violence at the same time.

A land of contrasts, an incredible history that goes back more than 4000 years, colorful and so full of impressions that it has inspired travellers as long ago as Alexander the Great.


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Helmut Schmidt
lostworld Netherlands

Fecha de publicación  08 de septiembre de 2010

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