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Track cycling reduces the sport of cycling to its most fundamental elements. The bikes have but one gear, and no brakes. You cannot coast. Add a banked, oval track and you would seem to have a recipe for disaster.

It's actually quite the opposite. These riders are the most highly skilled in the world. They navigate crowded fields with breathtaking precision, appearing to avoid collisions by mere millimeters. Sometimes fluid, often abrupt, their every movement is well-calculated. Though success on a velodrome requires power and endurance, the sport is as much mental as physical. Athletes must overcome barriers within their own minds, the cries of pain coming from legs and lungs, while simultaneously out-thinking their opponents and reevaluating strategies in split seconds.

Racing on the track is a blend of beauty, power, technology, and athleticism that often goes unnoticed. Most cycling publications offer little in terms of coverage, in favor of road, mountain, and BMX racing. In this book, we've attempted to provide followers of the sport with the imagery that the mainstream cycling media didn't show you. We hope that you will find inspiration and satisfaction among its pages.


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Sean Scott
oracle_sean Murrieta, CA 92563

I started with photography when my father, a photojournalist himself, introduced me to shooting and developing black and white film when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Since then I've had a love affair with cameras and photography.

My passion for cycling began when I was 13. After seeing a bike race, my friends and I decided it couldn't be that hard, since we rode our bikes everywhere! That night I saw "Breaking Away" and my fate was sealed. The next day I was at the local bike shop, and befriended one of the staff. Soon, I competed in my first race and placed second. That was followed by a first place finish in my next race.

After many miles in the saddle I discovered the velodrome, and realized that it was my calling. Marriage and fatherhood put my cycling on hold, but my daughter has reawakened me to the sport.

Now I enjoy combining my two hobbies by photographing cycling events in Southern California, and hope to return to racing beside her in 2008.

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