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This is a large landscape book with over 50 full page images of island scenery.

Holoholo means travel for fun in the Hawaiian language. The Garden Island of Hawaii offers lots of fun and diversity. From Lihue to North Shore or South Shore, fertile lands to uninhabited towering cliffs you can find many different climatic environments.

It's always raining somewhere on the island. The wettest spot on earth is the second highest peak on the island of Kauai - Mount Waialeale with 11,700 mm. The rain often comes with rainbows, and we saw at least one rainbow every day.

There are always sunny spots on the island, we just had to drive a little further to see sunshine.

The land is covered with lush green tropical vegetation. There are hundreds of native plant species in these valleys, many of them are rare.

No place is greener than the Garden Island of Hawaii.


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Laszlo Podor
Sasszem Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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