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I tried to show the loneliness that can be felt in Iceland in this book, but keeping in mind it has a population which barely surpasses 300.000 inhabitants, it’s not that hard to achieve. The nature dominates everything and rules people’s life. Icelanders know how to deal with it and take advantage of this as well, using the heat coming from beneath the earth, of course bearing in mind not to disturb the "other residents" on the island (Icelanders have a peculiar, rich mythology).
Here you will find just a glimpse of what Iceland has to offer, since the pictures of this book were taken in only 8 days. There is a lot more to discover, but that’s a good excuse to go back and create the following chapter of this book.


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Gino Maccanti Maccanti Pescador
ginomaccanti Las palmas, Spain

Fecha de publicación  28 de diciembre de 2007

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ginomaccanti dice

Thanks gpaulino , I remember we did the "ring road " tour. so basically we drove the main road that surround the Island thru the coast in 8 days. we arranged everything by ourself thru internet and with the help of people of this Spanish blog: and buy a big map thru amazon. hope it helps

publicado 15 de sep. a las 07:41 PST


gpaulino dice

Hi Gino, great shots! I've been to I celand this summer but I did not get the chance to spend much time outside reykjavik (and my shots aren't as good as yours). Would mind sharing your itenerary with me? Did you get a photographer guide to travel with you? I am thinking of coming back there. Thanks and keep up the good shots.

publicado 15 de sep. a las 07:26 PST

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