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This is volume 2 of 2. An original collection of poetry spanning 25+ years. The poems are not placed in chronological order, in part, to demonstrate the quixotic search for meaning that spanned a journey through the teens, twenties & thirties. The pictures in these volumes are, primarily, of my newborn son. When he was born, I found my grail and the multi-year quest to get in touch with, and understand, my soul and my spirit. These two volumes document those emotional & spiritual explorative wanderings and quests for meaning that ultimately had silently and quickly cluminated in the miracle of a new birth ... not of myself but of my child. The lesson I sought was not to be taught until the student was ready to receive the teacher ... my teacher came and brought perspective with him.


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majek omaha, nebraska

Born in Nebraska, raised in Iowa, and currently living in Nebraska. Words are more than a means of communication; they are life and they are soul. The poets I enjoy most are the ones who feel they didn't write their poems ... the poems wrote themselves. The poet was just the conduit, channeling the life that lay within. Each of my poems were the result of an event or a feeling or an inspiration that I felt chose me. I have enjoyed each and every one and I hope you find in them the same.

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