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The FACE OF ANDHRA PRADESH is a new collection of portraits, taken during three visits to Southern India. Through the lens of my camera I try to capture the human condition, depict the life of an individual and create an evocative image that is able to stand on its own. I keep returning to India because of the people, friends I have made there, and for ultimately, the universal thread of humanity that I find there. Actually, for me India is a journey connected with an ability to discover and investigate new places I haven't been to - trying new food, seeing how the locals live, and how they observe their religious practices. To me it's interesting to learn about these differences and how we all are fundamentally the same.

The 103 color portraits in the book convey ideas and tales that remind us of feelings of what it might be like to be in each of these places. In looking through the portfolio, viewers will look into the enchanting youthful eyes of a girl from Bhadrachalam, the intense glare of a vegetable vender from Hyderabad, or the sprightly smile of an elderly farm woman from Munagacharla; the stories behind each portrait seem infinite. This book is the ideal gift for photographers, travelers and students as well as the perfect addition to any photography library or coffee table.


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Ronald Harmon
ronlharmon Missouri
For 18 years I worked as an artist at Hallmark cards, which allowed me to learn how to see and look for that unusual perspective. That job taught me to see details that helped to make something different. Certainly, when taking photos I applied what I was learning to my photographic work, too. I have taught photography classes for a local junior college which helped me to share my talent in teaching others the art of photography. Besides traveling in my own country my journeys have taken me all over Western and Eastern Europe, Iran, Lebanon, and I have made friends in every country I visited. One winter I wrote “Once Upon a Bavarian Winter” (Publish America - ISBN: 1591296412) a book about a stay with a Bavarian wood carver and his family. While living with the German family in the deep snows of an alpine winter, I found that I loved the company of foreign people. I realized - like traveling - I was learning so much by being with these people.

Fecha de publicación  22 de diciembre de 2007

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