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To photograph a truth in reality.
I discovered that Iceland displays a narrow line between a paradox of extremes.
It is an ongoing battle to reveal which entity carries the most force, the environment, geographic turbulence surrounding the land, and the economic challenges.
Or the Icelandic people who have adapted to their inhospitable conditions and strive to suceed in a life engulfed with contradictions such as Fire, Ice, Growth and Erosion.

(Global warming causing Glaciers, to melt.
Volcanoes that lay dormant underneath become active)
(Icelandics use renewable natural resources like Hydro and Geothermal power leading to a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of living, without the atmospheric emmissions of fossil fuels.)

This story looks at the impact of nature on society and how it reminds us of our status as guests
on this planet.


Acerca del autor

Treasa Giblin
TreasaGiblin Co. Donegal Ireland

Treasa's passion and work is to reveal the importance of Conservations and demystify foreign cultures with Documentary Photography and Research.
At the moment the photographer is researching Conservations in Ireland Verses Agricultural Industrailisation ". If any Conservation groups in Ireland would like their work to be documented, email or send a message through

Fecha de publicación  04 de agosto de 2010

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JimMaginn dice

I liked it so much I bought a copy.

publicado 07 de ago. a las 07:24 PST


margaretgib dice

beautiful book, very informative, great photography. Iceland here I come.

publicado 05 de ago. a las 07:13 PST


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